Frequently Asked Questions About Our Clinic


Do I need a prescription to attend therapy?

Yes, the State of Michigan requires a written prescription from a physician in order for you to be treated in physical therapy. The prescription should have the patients name, diagnosis, frequency and duration of treatment and be signed and dated by the physician. Rubber stamps of the signature are not legal.

Will my insurance cover physical therapy?

Most insurances cover physical therapy to some degree. Each insurance company is different as to how much they will cover.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your insurance coverage for physical therapy. A quote of benefits is not a guarantee of payment. You are encouraged to contact your insurance provider for specific plan coverage.

What if I have a copay?

Some insurances require a fixed dollar amount and some require a percentage. We will do our best to keep you informed of the amount due. Payment is expected at time of service, unless other arrangements are made. Please speak with our receptionist to make these arrangements.

What are the office hours for physical therapy?

We are open Monday 7AM - 8PM, Tuesday and Thursday 8AM - 8PM, Wednesday and Friday 7AM - 5PM, Saturday 9AM-12PM (booked sequentially). The last appointment is scheduled one hour before close. Depending on your insurance, you may be restricted as to what hours you can attend.

What should I bring to my first physical therapy appointment?

Please bring your prescription from the doctor, your insurance card, and completed paperwork.

What should I wear?

Please wear or bring with you:

A pair of shorts, if you are being treated for a knee, hip or ankle; a loose shirt, if you are being treated for your neck or shoulder; and/or appropriate footwear for exercise.

How long will each session last?

Depending on your injury, you can expect to be in the clinic 45 minutes to one hour.

Can my kids come back with me while I am being treated?

No. Due to the open nature of our clinic, the only people allowed in the treatment area are patients. The parent or guardian of minors who are patients are allowed to accompany the patient into the treatment area. Siblings are not allowed into the treatment area.

Can I schedule all my appointments at once?

No. We schedule only one week at a time to make sure we have room for new patients. Please call us on Monday to schedule for the following week.

Can I have physical therapy on the same day as my OIM physician appointment?

Yes. Most insurances allow you to have an appointment for physical therapy and your OIM physician the same day. However, it is recommended that you schedule your physical therapy appointment first.

I just received my bill and it is several pages long. How come?

We no longer send a separate bill for physical therapy and for services performed in the physicians office.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my bill?

Please contact our billing department at 734-943-2701.